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Additional deposit

1. Deposit funds

Click the button to login to your personal account with the broker.

In the sidebar click ‘Funds’ and click ‘Deposit funds’. You should now see a screen that looks like the screenshot below. Choose the payment method you prefer.

After clicking the payment method you should see a screen that looks something like the screenshot below. This can look slightly different depending the method you choose.

Select the PAMM investing account in the ‘Account number’ dropdown menu and insert the amount you would like to deposit.

Be aware that the deposit you make is not the amount you invest. The amount you want to invest is specified in a further step.

*Note: If you already made a deposit on your Vantage account you can choose ‘internal transfer’ to transfer from one ‘live account’ to your ‘Pamm investing account’.

2. Login to your 'Investor portal'

When your deposit is succesfull you can continu with this step, you will receive an email with your deposit confirmation.

Now you have to login to you ‘Investor portal’, click the button below.

The login details are the same as when you registered to our fund. You received these login details before in an email from the broker.


login to easy hedge fund investor portal for deposit
Fill in your login details

3. Select strategy you want to fund

When logged in go to the investment you want to make a deposit in.


Here you can find all the details of profit, losses, deposits and withdrawals that have been made on this investment. Click ‘Deposit’ to add fundings to this investment.


4. Fill in the amount

In the popup that apears you can fill in the amount you want to invest in the selected fund/strategy. Fill in the amount and click deposit. We will now get a message of your deposit, once we accepted your deposit and had a rollover your deposit is added to the fund. From now on we can get in bigger positions with you funds.


*Note: The minimum amount to add to your funds is for most strategies €500. An error popup will appear if your balance isn’t enough to add the filled in amount or when try to add less than the minimum deposit amount.


You can always check your floating balance (as we call it) via your investor portal. Click your name in the top right corner and click ‘Investor #******”. You should now see a screen like the screenshot below. Here you can see your accepted withdrawals and deposits made combined in your ‘broker PAMM investor account’. The amount you see is the part that is available for deposit. If you will not use it for deposit or it is a withdrawal the amount will be added to your broker acount wallet at the end of each investment period.


Need help or do you have a question about the process? Our customer support is ready to help! Please contact us via email.

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