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First setup

1. Open live account with our broker

The first step is to create an account with our broker partner. Click the button below to get to the right registration form in 1 click. Just follow the process, this will take a few minutes. 

During the proces have to setup a trading account even though you won’t use it, this is part of the proces. It doesn’t matter what you select for your account. For example select: Metatrader 4, Standard STP, €EUR, 1:200.

The validation of your documents can take up to 1 working day, but in most cases is done within a couple of hours. The things you need to complete this step:


Register at Vantage markets
The registration page should look like this

2. Open PAMM investor account

When you finish registration, your login details will be send to your email. You can now login to your personal account at the broker. Click below to login to your personal account. 

Now we are going to open a new PAMM investor account. Click ‘Open additional accounts in the sidebar. Click ‘MT4’, ‘PAMM investor account’, ‘EUR’ and submit after checking the checkbox. Deposits with other currencies will be converted by the broker.

This process can take up to several hours by the brokers end to open an investors account. Once the broker has your account ready you will receive an email with your login details.


3. Deposit funds

Once you received your account details in an email you can proceed with this step. Click the button to login to your personal account with the broker.

In the sidebar click ‘Funds’ and click ‘Deposit funds’. You should now see a screen that looks like the screenshot below. Choose the payment method you prefer.

After clicking the payment method you should see a screen that looks something like the screenshot below. This can look slightly different depending the method you choose.

Select the PAMM investing account in the ‘Account number’ dropdown menu and insert the amount you would like to deposit.

Be aware that the deposit you make is not the amount you invest. The amount you want to invest is specified in the next step.

*Note: If you already made a deposit on your Vantage account you can choose ‘internal transfer’ to transfer from one ‘live account’ to your ‘Pamm investing account’.

4. Register for a strategy

Once your deposit is visible in your broker account you can proceed with this step. Click the button below to find and join the strategy you wish to invest in. Register with the details you received in the email. 

Fill in your ‘MT4 login’ at ‘username’ (numbers only) and fill in the password which comes with the username. Also fill in the amount you wish to invest in this strategy.


Please keep in mind that the broker needs time in between each step to verify or complete the process. This may take a bit of time before you can continu to a next step. 

Need help with the registration process or do you have a question about the process? Our customer support is ready to help! Please contact us via email.

We can guide you via Skype, Zoom, TeamViewer, WhatsApp, Email, phone or chat.